don't overcomplicate your website

One font, two colors, three sections, four whatevers, all in no time at all. Built using the client-first system for easy editing and maximum understandability so that you can get your business online quickly.

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we make website templates that are actually easy to use

Click it. Change it. Move on and click the next thing. Publish.

a smart naming system, simple designs, standard components

The labels tell you what the thing actaully does!

website building illustration
website building illustration

because getting your business or idea online should be simple

Or pay too much for a fancy template that's not written with the user in mind. Then go on Upwork and hire us to fix it for you. You can do that too but wouldn't you rather save your time and money?

With the superbasic template I had my website up and running in just a few hours!
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Jason Bourne
CEO Bourne Enterprises
Of all the templates, I'm super glad I chose this one. It let's me focus on what's important - my business.
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Pam Anderson
Lifestyle blogger
No headaches. Well documented. Bravo to the folks at superbasic. I'm feeling ready to run this town now that my latest venture already has its website going!
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Jay Zee
Get it Get It Get It Got It Got It Got It. And that's it really.
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Kaylin Myles
Tried some other Webflow templates and this was by far the easiest one to update myself. Very self explanatory.
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Intelligent Guy
webflow user

just do it

Haven't you read enough by now? Just clone the template already and get to it!

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who we are

Really it's who I am. It's just me, Keegan Leary here. Some guy behind a computer building Webflow templates hoping that it helps you out. Help me out by cloning this template and dropping a ♥️ heart emoji ♥️ and don't forget to google me!

you seem cool I guess